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Why You Should Definitely Get Kava Drink

Kings kava
Time To Get Started!

The guy serving the kava is also of high importance, usually as he’s the one making it, but also because of the fact he’s also in charge of how much you have to drink, so it pays to be nice!

Kava is prepared in a dedicated kava bowl – usually carved or pretty ornate looking and served in a coconut shell. Servings wise you can request a low tide, mid tide or high tide serving…pretty self explanatory really.

How you will feel

Once you drink Kava, you will probably feel tingling and numbness in your tongue.

Kava is a very mild narcotic and is known to make people feel relaxed.  You are guaranteed to have a good nights sleep after a couple of high tides and you will wake up feeling well rested and energized.

Fijian people are known to be some of the happiest on the planet and somehow we think that the Kava may have something to do with that.  It was sold as an relaxant in the States in pill form at one time, but they couldn’t capture the exact formula of drinking it fresh from the root.

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How Kava tastes?

Like muddy water, literally.  With a bit of bitterness. It is how should you say…an acquired taste

Fiji Kava
An islander sips kava

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