Yaqona Bar

The national drink of Fiji “kava” is also know as Yaqona. It is know by colonial name “Grog” and commonly name by Kava in United States. Kava is a muddy, earthy beverage that calms you and numb your mouth and throat & if you drink enough Yaqona, you will feel a mild euphoric buzz. Kava is powdered from a root of a pepper tree called piper methysticum strained through a wooden bowl full of water.

There are many legends surrounding the origins and importance of Fiji kava. From preparation to consumption, there are specific meanings and rituals for Yaqona.

Traditional Yagona Bar

Kava is accompanied at Yagona bar or ceremony where people gather together to celebrate the Fijian kava drink in a bowl which is made of coconut shell. These practice can range from a formal affair with guest to enjoy the happy hours among friends and family while playing guitar and singing. Each participant clap once before and three times after each drink.

Kava has been consumed across worldwide for thousand of years. People are inspired to open the Yagona bar up to everyone.

Kava Craze at Lacuna Kava Bar

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