The best Kava distributor in New Zealand and now delivering services to all leagle states. we have been delivering Kava to the Kiwis since 2008. We at Kings Kava have always believed in the benefits that Kava brings, but wanted to look at ways of making it easier (in terms of preparation), as well as  making the Kava experience more pleasurable taste wise (those who have had Kava know what I mean), thus making kava more acceptable and marketable to the masses.

Kings Kava began speaking with its Products in 2008 regarding their amazing products, and now we have an agreement to be the distributor of Kings Kava Products in New Zealand.

We believe Kings Kava Products have the best Kava on the market, sourced from Fiji Island who have arguably the strongest Kava in the South Pacific, Kava King Products have patented a micronization process, of which they micronize the Kava root and is now totally soluble in water without any straining, as is the traditional way of preparing.

Kings Kava Products processes keeps the plant’s built-in safeguards, synergies and the vital active ingredients of the kavalactones, and this is important for our brand to give you the best Kava, micronized, but with all natures goodness, the way it was intended to be.

Kings Kava Products Kava is Vegan Certified, which means all flavors use natural ingredients. Kings Kava is dedicated to bring you quality Kava product at affordable prices, so what are you waiting for, give it a go!

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