Fijian people in New Zealand

Fijians In New Zealand

Fijian people were the fifth largest Pacific ethnic group living in New Zealand in 2001, comprising 7,000 or 3 percent of New Zealand’s Pacific population (231,800).

Fijian – Population In NZ

The information mentioned on this blog is based on the census usually resident population count. The Fijian population includes those people who stated Fijian as their sole ethnicity or as one of several ethnic groups, including Indian and Fijian-Indian. The Pacific population refers to all those who stated a Pacific ethnicity.

  • Fijians were the fifth largest Pacific ethnic group living in New Zealand in 2001, comprising 7,000 or 3 percent of New Zealand’s Pacific population (231,800).
  • The most Pacific ethnic group was Samoan (50 percent) was followed by the Cook Island Maori (23 percent), Tongan (18 percent) and Niuean (9 percent) ethnic groups. The Tokelauan (3 percent) group closely followed the Fijian ethnic group in population size and was followed by the Tuvaluan group (1 percent).
  • The Fijian population decreased by 700 or 8 percent between 1996 and 2001. During the same five-year period, the Pacific population increased by 15 percent.
  • Between 1991 and 2001, the Fijian population grew by 38 percent from 5,100 to 7,000.

Fijian In New Zealand And Kava Drink

An New Zealand-Fijian kava company has gained its first New Zealand supplier, as demand for the beverage soars. The drink – an earthy-tasting ground root which numbs muscles and has been used to treat anxiety and stress – has been used widely across the Pacific and among its diaspora for centuries.

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