Best Place To Buy Kava Cup 

Why Are The Best Quality King’s Kava Cups So Popular?

Kava is a formal drink in many countries like Fiji and Hawaii. This drink can be drunk very well by a cup of 100% natural, which is taken daily by the people there. Taking with the King’s Kava Cup to replicate Kava medicinal properties can be very good for customer experience. You can use Kava Cup once and enjoy its special and pleasant perquisites.

Product description

King’s Kava gives a feeling of Kava drinking in the Fiji or Vanuatu islands by providing 100% organic and traditional Kava cups. These cups make the drinking 100% enjoyable and memorable. Made out of coconut shells these cups hold 12 ounces of liquid and the measure of the cup is approximately 2.5” x 4.5”. These handcrafted traditional coconut Kava serving cups come in a pack of 3 cups together.

Price with Quantity

The traditional King’s Kava Coconut cup comes at very attractive and affordable pricing. 3 packs of Kava cups are available at 20$NZD only. These cups are easy to clean, easy to carry, and easy to maintain in the long run. The product if shipped internationally, the shipping charges as per country or location will be applicable extra, which will be borne by the customer.

What does the product claim or safety information

The King’s Kava cups are 100% natural and organic. They are made up of Coconut shells, which are easy to maintain. Though these traditional cups make your Kava nights extra special, they may dry up in the long run. To protect these cups from drying special care needs to be taken. These cups before and after use need to be gently rubbed with olive or coconut oil. This protects the cups from future cracks.

How to use

King’s Kava cups boost your Kava root drinking experience, turning it into a real memorable one. These organic natural cups have a holding capacity of 12 ounces of Kava drink. They are easy to use and give you a feeling of the beachside Kava drinking at Fiji Island.

Why choose traditional kava cup

The coconut cups with their own natural colors and shapes are 100% authentic and make the Kava nights experience -out of the world. One sitting in New Zealand or in the USA may get the feeling of being transported to the Pacific islands by using the traditional cup. The Kava nights that way become extra special and enjoyable.

100% organic and natural King’s Kava cups further add more enjoyable moments to the customer experience. This comes at customer-friendly affordable pricing. Just try it out once and you will surely love it – BULA !!!