Kava Strainer 

Kalm With Kings kava And A Traditional Kava Strainer Bag

Nowadays, more and more people are enticing towards kava and want to make their kava drinking experience awesome. To complete your kava drinking, you require some basic tools which will give you a traditional look. Kava is being drunk by thousands for hundreds of years and tastes awesome when enjoyed in traditional ways. One item that is highly useful and your kava experience are incomplete is called: King Kava Strainer Bag.

Importance of Kava Strainer bags:

We already know that the main active parts of the kava are not the water soluble but are the roots. Roots are firstly made into powder, but that powder is not completely water-soluble. You need to strain it before drinking. It means you simply cannot mix water with the kava powder to drink. The basic principle states that you need to separate the roots and some big and medium particles and then get them mixed with liquid. If you are not having the properly designed kava stranger bags, you might end up drinking words that may hamper your digestive system.

Why should you use strainer bags?

Some new people, who are not having any experience in kava drinking, use old clothes and other waste clothes for straining the kava. It is highly unhealthy and hampers the health and digestive system of the person who is drinking. In that case, you might end up having woods in your kava and that, in turn, will hamper your digestive health.

How to use strainer bags?

If you wish to prepare kava traditionally, first have an original good quality, specially designed strainer bag from king Kava. It helps in allowing kava roots to hydrate, squeeze, and agitate thus making your kava experience more enjoyable. It also helps in getting kava lactones (the liquid particular of kava roots) released and mixed up well with the water. It is so well designed that it helps in mixing kava lactones extraction easier with water and at the same time makes mixing of woody particles harder to mix with water.

To get the proper and maximum benefits of the strainer, the blending must be proper. So first blend the powder with water in a ratio of 1: 15. Here 1 represents kava and 15 represents water. You may also prefer to use coconut oil to make your blending smooth and tastier. Then use a strainer to filter the hard particles and drink your kava later on.

How to handle the strainer?

Looking after Your Strainer Bag is also very much important. It is made up of a strong nylon filter and can last for months but you need to wash the strainer before and after every use. While washing, the use of some gentle, natural detergent at the Temperature level between 40-60 c is idle.

Good quality strainer bags matter the most and it makes your drink enjoyable. With the help of an appropriate strainer bag, you can make a massive difference in your kava drinking. So you can understand now why the strainer bag is that important. To make your kava experience, order a strainer bag from king kava itself.