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Maximize Benefits With The Best Quality Kings Kava In The USA

Kava is a ceremonial drink of the people of south pacific islands like Fiji, Tonga, Hawaii. This is a popular beverage known for its social and medicinal properties. For ages, the Pacific island tribes grind the dried roots of the plant Piper methysticum to a powder called Kava.

In these islands, this drink has been consumed in weddings, ceremonies, and get-togethers. In the last decade or so, this drink has gained much popularity in other nations, including Europe and the USA.

About King’s Kava

King’s Kava is the best Kava distributor of New Zealand since 2008. It is sourcing the strongest and the best quality Kava from Fiji. It aims to make Kava drinking a pleasant and tasteful experience in New Zealand and the United States. King’s Kava has patents on the micronization of Kava.

This means customers may find it easy to strain the liquid after the powder is added to water. King’s Kava uses the online mode to promote its premium quality Kava products and accessories to its American customers.

Packaging of King’s Kava USA

King’s Kava ships its best quality Kava in attractive yet durable packaging in different types of packs, like 100gm, 200gm, 500gm, 1Kg, and 2Kg. For International customers based in the United States, shipping may take a few
weeks for delivery.


The customer needs to bear the shipping charges and the necessary duties as per the region’s requirements. There is no return policy for the company. Only in cases where the product returns without opening the packaging will the company return the cost of the product only. King’s Kava will not bear the return of the cost of the shipping incurred by the customer.

Ingredients In Kava Packing From King’s Kava USA

The best quality King’s Kava contains selectively handpicked lateral and crown roots without adding other parts like stems or leaves of the plant. Only selected noble growers of Fiji are considered for the sourcing by the company after thorough quality checks.

Ingredients’ Benefits Of Kava From King’s Kava

This best quality Kava is a healthy substitute for addictive products like Caffeine or alcohol with a host of other benefits. Though not certified by the FDA, Kava has been known to be used for ages in the South Pacific islands for the treatments of Anxiety, Insomnia, Relaxing, Pain relief, and others.


Kava lactones extracted from Kava have been instrumental in boosting immunity, drug addiction treatment, and improving brain function, amongst other benefits. Kava releases compounds that may increase dopamine, which may fight addictive cravings.

Price With Quantity Details Of King’s Kava

The Best quality of King’s Kava is extremely affordable with different packing sizes. They are listed below:

Safety Information On Kava From King’s Kava

Kava users consume Nature’s magic drink to improve a sense of freedom from stress, anxiety and experience a pleasant feeling. Moderate consumption of Kava gives this light and heavenly feeling both in mind and body. However, side effects due to the lack of product quality or due to excessive consumption have also occurred.

King’s Kava makes a continuous effort to source the plant’s Root from select quality cultivars in the Fiji islands and ensures 100% superiority in product quality before shipping to customers. Excessive consumption of Kava may cause numbing of limbs and muscles. It is advisable to restrain from self-driving after drinking Kava.

Pregnant women, lactating mothers, and patients of depression undergoing treatment are advised to exercise caution from drinking this beverage. There have been cases where Kava has been mixed with alcoholic drinks or other drugs, resulting in damages to the liver. This must be avoided.

How To Use Kava Drink?

Anytime can be a good time for Kava. Yet, King’s Kava advises its drinkers to consume with an empty stomach to maximize the benefits of drinking this powerful and 100% natural product.

Why Choose King’s Kava?

King’s Kava, the best Kava distributor of New Zealand since 2008, is known to focus on making 100% premium quality Kava. It sources the strongest and the best quality Kava from the selected handpicked cultivars of Fiji Island.

The Kava of King’s Kava is made of 100% natural ingredients and is Vegan Certified and yet available at affordable prices. Besides, King’s Kava has introduced a customer loyalty program called “Bula points,” making the customer buying journey more fun-filled.

Is Kava Legal In The United States?

Yes, Kava is 100% legal in the United States of America for personal use as a drink or beverage. There are several existing Kava Bars in the USA as its popularity is on the rise.

Kava, Nature’s power drink of Pacific, is increasingly becoming popular worldwide for its magical stress-relieving properties. King’s Kava is committed to popularizing Kava’s consumption through its relentless work on awareness through marketing communication and a strong emphasis on product quality.

This comes at customer-friendly affordable pricing. Consumers of addictive products like Caffeine or alcohol are encouraged to shift to this healthy drink to experience pleasure yet improve mental and physical health. If never tried, just try it once – BULA !!

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