Types Of Kava Products 

Types Of Kava Products

Internationally, the common name for the plant species Piper methysticum is kava while the Fijian name is kava. Kava products covered by this Standard include the following:

1. Fresh Kava

Kava Kava

Fresh kava or green kava is kava that has just been harvested and has been thoroughly cleaned with water and is devoid of visible soil and dirt.

2. Dried Kava

Dried kava

Dried kava is kava that has been dried and has a certain level of residual moisture content. Dried kava will include plant parts as described in 2.1, which may also be sliced or otherwise reduced in size to aid drying. Powdered dried parts are also defined as dried kava.

3. Kava Extract

Kava extract

Kava extract is obtained when kavalactones are extracted from fresh or dried kava using cold water and generally with the intention of further processing. The product may be presented as a concentrated liquid or as a powder following spray or freeze drying, and conventional oven or solar drying.

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