kava and sleep 

Drinking Kava Can Help You Sleep

Kava is a traditional drink famous for various health benefits. People have been drinking this drink for centuries. Mainly South Pacific island countries use this for medicine and in ceremonies for centuries. Since a long, it is known for its calming effects. Some studies in this area notice that it gives the same sort of calming effect as diazepam (A calming effect medicine used all over the world.). It means kava has medicinal properties and that is why it is so famous all around the world. It is not a hidden fact that it also helps in getting good sleep. Sleeplessness is quite a big problem all over the world. None having a sound sleep hampers the overall health and productivity of the individual. To know more about how kava helps in getting good sleep. Follow along.

1. By relieving all your pain:

Pain is the main reason for not sleeping well. Any sort of pain like accidental, health-related, stress, menstrual, etc hampers the overall possibility of having a good sleep. Kings Kava products helps in relieving pain trapped in our body and mind. People tend to take alcohol for good sleep but it is highly harmful. As compared to alcohol, kava drinking is beneficial and helps in relieving pain.

2. By giving Calming effects:

Calming effect of kava helps in relieving anxiety, sleeplessness, restlessness, and other stress-related symptoms such as muscle tension or spasm. It takes the person into a deep sleep without hampering the overall health of the person. Going by history, we will get to know that kava is traditionally taken by natives of south pacific countries. The native people generally take the drink after completing all day’s work and in the evening.

After drinking, they go and have a deep sleep. It is so fascinating and soothing for them that they are passing this tradition to their next generation. Body and mind get tired after a whole day of physical or mental work. Kava help in relieving that tiredness and provides calmness of another level.

3. By managing daylight saving:

The changing season is quite normal and we all know that. In the wintertime, the sun goes off early and the moon comes late. In that case, people prefer going to bed early and getting out of bed late. Winter also comes with lethargy. Due to the cold outside, people prefer staying in the bed. But the real issue starts when winter goes and summer or spring comes.

In March generally, the same cycle changes. The effects of the clock changes are worse at that time of the year. In that time, you lose one hour of your sleep or maybe two hours of sleep depending upon when you go to bed and when you get out of bed. This is called daylight saving. This natural phenomenon hampers sleep in almost every individual. People start feeling lazy and unproductive due to this change and due to less sleep in the night. Here kava comes into the picture to help you. Without any side effects, the main part of the kava root that is Kava lactones helps in managing that.

What you need to do is prepare a kava drink and consume a couple of hours before you plan to go to sleep. It is better if you take 2-3 hours after eating. Kava works best when the stomach is empty and that is the reason for suggesting you have it after 2 to 3 hours of eating. Kava drinking relaxes muscles, lowering anxiety-inducing activity in the brain. Furthermore, it also creates a sense of calmness and peacefulness in the mind and body of the person thus helping in getting good sleep.

No more visiting doctors and medical practitioners for insomnia or less sleeping. You can simply follow the rituals of drinking kava before going to bed and be assured, you will get a good sleep. No more worries and no more stress. Only and only good sleep in the night. Just like other traditional drinks, Kings Kava is beneficial for all. But some precautions must be taken. You will get good sleep and peacefulness of mind by taking kava. You must take only roots for drinking.