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Is Kava Legal In Sweden?

Is Kava legal in Sweden? Do you also have this question in your mind? Do you also want to know about it for avoiding any kind of future complications?

So, as is the case with numerous Northern European countries, that there is no particular mentioning of kava on the banned list of the government of Sweden. As same as this thing is similar to Sweden also.

It appears as Sweden takes kava as a prescription drug into its consideration. There is reporting of just some minor issues from the side of kava drinkers at the border with their shipment.

Some people also report that their packages have got seized at the border unless there could happen the submission of a valid prescription.

There are also some people who report by making use of mail forwarding services that are based out of the United States. For instance, Stackry, Shipito, or Skypax. It is forgetting their mail through the Swedish border safely.

Hence, you can say that the laws related to kava in Sweden are not clear. But, there is no particular listing of this herb on the list of banned substances in Sweden.

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