Kava Laws 

Is kava legal in India?

Are you living in India or going to travel to India? Do you have this question that is kava legal in India or not? So, we are here just for you to clear all your doubts. In this article, you will come to know everything about the legality of kava in India.

There is no listing of kava as a prohibited substance in India. There are also numerous reports of local bars which are selling kava brews in their shops. Most shops in India don’t have their involvement in selling kava. But, the reason behind this is not that it is illicit. But, it is because it is not that much popular in India. Most of the interest in herbs comes from travelers as with numerous Asian countries.

The estimated success rate for the shipment of kava in India is 99%. Therefore, you have understood now that kava is legal in India. But, it is hard to find it in this country. You will have the requirement of ordering kava online if you are living in India.

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