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Is kava legal in Italy?

Is kava legal in Italy? Do you also want to gather some knowledge about this? Then, in this blog, we are going to provide you with complete information related to the legality of kava in Italy.

However, it is illegal to sell kava in Italy, but it doesn’t seem as it is illegal to buy or own. The Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco is responsible for looking through the health products in Italy. There is no listing of kava or species that have some relation with kava in the list of prohibited substances.

Kava is still unavailable locally in Italy, However, it is a common theme in numerous European countries. You have the necessity of buying the herb online in order for sourcing some for yourself.

Still, there is no clearance that whether border officials of Italy can confiscate packages that are containing kava or not. But, most reports give the suggestion that there are no issues associated with ordering kava online to Italy.

It is not explicitly illegal to buy kava in Italy. But, you can only find its availability online.

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