Is kava Legal in Hong Kong
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Is kava Legal in Hong Kong?

Are you aware that kava is legal in Hong Kong or not? If not, then this guide is just for you. You will know all crucial things about the legality of kava in Hong Kong. There was never any ban on kava in Hong Kong.

Even as a result of the sweeping in the early 2000s around North America and Europe, Hong Kong has never done the incorporation a ban into their laws.

To date, there is no mentioning of kava on the Poisons Ordinance and Pharmacy or Dangerous Drugs Ordinance. It does regulate medicinal and banned substances in Hong Kong.

You have the facility of ordering kava online from North America and Europe. And there are a few retailers based in Hong Kong who have their involvement in selling kava also.

The estimated success rate of the shipment of kava is less than 90%. Kava is legal in Hong Kong and you can buy it online or locally very easily.

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