Traditional Kava Cup 5 Pack

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  • Designed with special passion and dedication to making your kava time enjoyable and entertaining.
  • Suitable for large gatherings.
  • Helps in socializing and developing friendliness between the group of kava drinking people.
  • Only and only coconut shells are used while making.
  • Helps in enhancing the potency of your kava drink.
  • So well designed that it will attract the eyeballs of everyone.


Kava is such drinks that people believe in having in groups. In traditional times, when the kava was used by its lovers, they love to drink after a whole day of hard work and also take the kava drink in a group. The same principle is applied by king kava when we decide to launch a traditional cup of 5, it is like a big family and friends gathering and where it may be used. It is called a bundle of joy by our customers who have purchased this 5 pack of traditional cups. Each cup in this set is made up of coconut shells and the size is 2.5 x 4.5.

Just imagine, you are drinking with your friends and all having the same type of traditional and specially designed cups in their hands. It will help in getting an elegant look. The feeling will be surreal when you all will enjoy it. It is well said by someone that traditional drinks and foods must be enjoyed in traditional ways. If you will not adopt the traditional ways, tastes and experience will not be the same. When you have already decided to serve kava to your friend’s party, bring this cup set too. It will give an elegant look to your guests and the taste of kava drink increases many folds in case it is taken in a specially designed kava cup.

Due to long duration use and nonuse, sometimes there are chances of getting it cracked, so in this case, it is advisable to run olive or coconut oil before and after every use. It will increase the lifespan of this kava cup.

How to handle traditional kava cup

We at King Kava deliver the best traditional kava cup made up of original coconut shells. But handling and proper care are required for enjoyment for months. Wash the cup before and after every use. Do not wash it with harsh detergent. Simply apply some types of oil or especially coconut and olive oil for a long-lasting product.


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