Is Kava Legal In South Africa
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Is Kava Banned In South Africa?

Are you looking to know about the legality of kava in South Africa? Then, in this blog, we will let you know completely about it.

There are numerous South Africans who have ordered kava online. And just very rare people have faced any issues with their order.

They have told that after receiving a note on their mail that their packages have been confiscated, they have made a separate order. It was just for the same letter to arrive for the new package in the mail.

It seems that if someone is found by the identification of kava, then the border officials of South Africa may flag your address. They may also block any further attempts that happen at ordering the herb. Some other people who are living in South Africa have reported similar experiences on forums like Reddit.

The estimated success rate for the shipment of kava is less than 50%. Therefore, now you have understood that kava is absolutely illicit in South Africa. So, if you will order it there then it is your own risk.

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