Is Kava Really Harmful to the Liver ?

That article contains virtually all of the information about the reports of liver damage over the past few years. If you’d prefer, here are a few simple guidelines if you want to use kava but avoid incurring side effects on your liver: use a small amount of kava the first few times you try it, in order to gradually introduce the plant’s novel alkaloids into your body. Avoid combining kava with any drugs that interact with the liver or alcoholic drinks. Always consult your doctor before using kava if you have an existing liver condition or take medications that interact with the liver. Additionally, because kavalactones affect neural pathways in the brain to generate relaxing and anxiolytic effects, kava can interact in harmful ways with prescription medications that also work on these neural pathways. These include sleep medications like diazepine, anticonvulsants, anti-anxiety drugs, anti-psychotics, and levodopa to treat Parkinson’s disease. This is not a comprehensive list, but in general it’s advisable to check with your doctor about kava’s safety for you if you take any drugs that affect the central nervous system. Kava kava is one of the best documented and researched herbs for both safety and effectiveness, and has been used by native islanders and now consumers worldwide for many years with beneficial results. As a consumer, you should only buy from Kingskava vendors that offer a guarantee that their kava products are made using root-only extracts and powders, which is exactly our vision since we seek out only the highest-quality Kava suppliers on our planet Earth, and will not offer any product that doesn’t reach our strictly-set standards.

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