Wooden Kava Bowl (Tanoa)

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  • Fijian Crafted and Made
  • 10″ in size
  • Brown in colour
  • Plain wood tanoa
  • Vesi wood (Intsia bijuga)
  • Carvers are originally from islands of Fulaga and Kabara

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Four-legged wooden bowl which is carved from a single piece of premium wood. Usually Large bowls are used to prepare traditional kava drink (yaqona), which is made from the dried roots of a pepper tree.
Wooden Tanoa have a triangular lug (mata) with a hole through which woven coconut fibre cord (magimagi) is attached, allowing the bowl to be hung up while not in use. For ceremonial purposes, the cord is decorated with white cowrie shells (buli leka) and is laid out along the ground toward the guest of honour.
The ritual of drinking yaqona still remains one of the most significant ceremonies performed in indigenous Fijian society.

Care & Handling:

  • Avoid direct sunlight or bright lights, which can fade finishes and colours.
  • Over exposure to sunlight or heat can cause the wood to crack.
  • Avoid cleaning with harsh chemicals, simply wipe gently with a damp cloth or dust with a clean, natural bristle brush.
  • Furniture wax may be used to retain the lustre or shininess of the wood.


The plain wood Tanoa can be used for mixing kava or any similar purpose. Prior to use, the tanoa should be fully immersed in water for a week and then thoroughly dried. During immersion, water should be changed daily until it becomes clear. This helps to clean the tanoa and prevent the wood from cracking.

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